Top Indian blogger list in Online Push Me.

Hello blogger maine kuch dino pahle hi Indian's blogger kai liye ek data base form create kiya tha. Jiska motive Indians blogger kai data ko collect karna tha. Data base se indian blogger kai data ko collect karne kai baad aaj mein apne iss post mein top Indian blogger list ko apne iss article mein publish karne jaa raha hu.and one thing ye hamara YouTube channel hai subscribe jarur Kare.

Indian blogger website list
Top Indian Blogger website list  
In case agar apka site hamare data base list mein nahi hai, to uske liye hamare data base form ko fill kare.

Note : Porn and spam sites submit nahi ki jayegi.

Top Indian Blogger list

S.No. Name Website URL
1 Vishal gupta
2 Rohit mewada
3 Rahul gupta
4 Harsh Aggarwal
5 Shekhar sharm
6 Ravikant
7 Nishant
8 Rishabh
9 Vijay
10 Shekhar sharma
11 Navin singh
12 Harpreet kumar
13 karan singh
14 Sonu kumar
15 Kunj bihari
16 Satata thakor
17 Simran
18 Indrasingh
19 Dhaval Rathod
20 Mathukutty
21 Jumeeden khan
Agar apka blog yaa website hamare upar diye gaye list mein nahi hai to sabse pahle hamare data base form fill kare yaa hame comments kare.

Indian Blog serve Data base information

Blogging language
■Hamare serve kiye gaye anushar pata chala hai, kai blogging field mein sabse jada blogger's हिन्दी language mein blogging karna pasand karte hai.
■Aur blogger ussi language mein article likhna pasand karte hai jiss language mein visitors article read karna pasand karte hai.
■Hamare India mein aaj bhi bhut se ese log hai jinko hindi mein article padhna acha lagta hai yaa hindi language ko prefer karte hai.

Blogging earnings
■Uske baad hamare serve se ye pata chala kai kitne blogger blogging se earnings karte hai, and hamare serve se ye pata chala kai maximum blogger blogging kar earning bhi kar rahe hai.
■Aur jo upar data 45% No ka hai, unme maximum newbie blogger hai, jinhone abhi-abhi blogging start ki hai.
Blogging platform
■Aur phir Online Push Me serve kai through hamne Indian blogger se unke blogging platform kai baare mein pucha.
■Jisme 55% blogger blogging kai liye wordpress ka use karte hai, 40% blogger ka use karte hai.
Your occupation
■And last hamne blogger se unke occupation kai baare mein questions pucha aur hame pata chala.
■45% blogger abhi study kai sath blogging means part time blogging karte hai. Aur 40% blogger's full time blogging karte hai.
Thanks for read my whole article, I wish article apko pasand aaya hoga agar hamare data base form mein apka blog nahi hai to aaj hi hamare data base form fill kare, aur agar article apko pasand aaya ho to iss article ko apne social media mai friends kai sath jarur share kare.

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